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Choosing gifts for Tea Lovers

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Choosing a gift for someone who loves tea

Choosing the perfect gift for a tea lover can be overwhelming for those who don't know anything about tea. Tea has a rich history and is one of the longest enduring drinks in history. As such, many true tea enthusiasts take their drink of choice seriously.

However, you don't need to worry as there are many practical gifts you can get without much knowledge on the intricacies of creating the perfect cup of tea.

Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

The list below contains some of the best gifts you can get for tea lovers. This includes things that will make their lives easier and that any tea lover will appreciate.


If the tea lover in your life is always in a rush an electric teakettle is a great choice to make their lives easier. This will automatically boil the water to the perfect temperature for them while they are busy doing other things. If, however they enjoy taking their time in creating their tea, a stylish traditional kettle can be the perfect addition to their collection.

Travel Tea Mug

Choosing a special mug for both their hot and cold tea while on the go is a great way to give a practical gift that they will love and use often. Choosing one that is personalized with their name or that features their favorite colors can make this something they will always treasure.

Tea Subscription

A tea subscription is a fun way to create a lasting gift that gives them something new to try every month. Tea lovers enjoy trying out new flavors and they will be reminded of you every time a new box arrives.

Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea Bottle

Of course, a tea bottle is a great option as well. Although this may seem similar to a traditional tea mug it goes beyond that to incorporate an infusion ability. This means they can brew their own favorite cold or hot tea while on the go.


Although an infuser isn’t all that unique, they come in all types to fit individual personalities. Get one that looks like a manatee or a person relaxing in a hot tub for the quirky tea lover.

Zodiac Tea

Some companies make tea specifically for the different zodiac signs. This is a great gift for someone who enjoys tea and has an interest in astrology.

Tea Skincare

While this isn’t a traditional tea related gift it is perfect for those who love skin care, and each tea provides different benefits.

  • Green Tea- Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Black Tea- Firming and reduces puffiness
  • Matcha- Soothing and reduces redness
  • Rooibos- Increases cell turnover

Tea Herb Kit

A great gift for the tea lover who also aspires to have perfect garden is a tea herb kit. This will combine two of their favorite things and they can even use it to create their own custom tea blends at home.

Gift Basket

A gift basket is always a good choice for a gift. This allows you to create a beautiful present with many different gifts for them to enjoy. These are great when you want to get a special gift but don’t know what exactly they would like. Here are some ideas to add to your tea gift basket.

  • Tea Mug
  • Infuser
  • Tea Blends
  • Honey

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