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Choosing gifts for Smokers

Gifts for Smokers

Choosing a Gift for Tobacco or Weed Smokers

Gift giving is always difficult but choosing the perfect gift for the smoker in your life can be especially challenging, particularly if you don't share their enthusiasm. However, there are many great gifts to get to choose from that will be both meaningful and useful for years to come.

Best Gifts for Smokers

There are some basic gifts you can get for any smoker in your life. These are some of the best options that will always be appreciated.


  • Pipe- It may be time for the weed smoker in your life to upgrade their pipe. As weed has become more legalized across the nation there are new pipe designs being constantly created. Choose one that fits their personality and aesthetic.
  • Personalized Cigar Case- Choosing a personalized cigar case is another great option that will preserve their favorite cigars while still being both practical and functional.
  • Engraved Lighter- An engraved lighter is another personalized gift to get the smoker in your life. This is something that they can use for years to come and will think of you every time they use it. These also come in a variety of designs and shapes to fit ay personality.


  • Ashtray- For the tobacco smoker in your life choosing a great ashtray can make a big difference. If they have a taste for the finer things in life, an upgrade of their boring ashtray can be the gift they didn’t know that they needed.
  • Grinder - The same goes for grinders. They no longer have to be an unattractive piece that is merely functional. Now there are a variety of grinders to choose from that are both high quality and stylish.
  • Rolling Tray - While you're at it why not make it a whole set? And get them a rolling tray to go along with all their other supplies. Again, these have been upgraded to where they can be functional and stylish.

Unique Gifts for Smokers

Maybe you're looking for a present that is a little bit more unique. Try some of these gifts to branch out from the regular smoking presents.


  • Cigar of the Month- Why not get them a cigar of the month membership? Every month they will get new cigars from around the world to try. This will help expand their experience and they might even discover a new favorite cigar.
  • Whiskey and Cigar Glass- If the smoker in your life also enjoys a good glass of whiskey, why not get them a whiskey and cigar glass. These two couldn't make a better combination, so a glass that holds both allows them to experience the best of both worlds.

  • Monthly Box - You can even get a monthly subscription box for the weed smoker in your life. These come with a variety of accessories to go along with what they already have. This is a great way to provide them with a variety of tools to try out and see what works best for them.
  • Edibles Book - Who doesn't like weed and food? Like cigars and whisky, the two are meant to go together, so an edibles cookbook might be the perfect gift. And bonus, they might even share some of their creations with you.

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