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Choosing gifts for Parents

Gifts for Parents

Choosing a Gift for Mom and Dad

Picking out gifts for your parents is a difficult task. We want them to know how much they mean to us but oftentimes we are on a budget or don't know what they would like. Whenever we ask what they would like, they say “Oh, you don't need to get us anything” or that they already have everything they need.

Of course, you still want to get them something to show them how thankful you are to have them in your life and for all of the things that they have done for you. Read below for some thoughtful gift ideas that will be sure to show your love and appreciation.

Best Gifts for Parents

Sometimes a small gesture is enough to show your parents how much you appreciate them. Remember that they will just be grateful that you took the time to get them anything. Look at some of these best gifts to get your parents for some different options.

Mom: Flowers

All moms love flowers, so why not choose a flowers of the month subscription. Every month for a year your mom will receive a new beautiful bouquet of flowers. This ongoing gift will bring a smile to her face every month and remind her how much you love her.

Dad: Fire Pit

If your dad loves outdoor family time, a fire pit along with a s’more kit can be a great addition. This gift is great because it's not only something that he can enjoy but something that he can share with you when you come to visit. Plus who doesn’t love a good s’more or two?

Combined: Coffee Samples

If you're looking to get a gift for both of your parents that they can enjoy together, consider getting them some coffee samples from around the world. These come with a variety of coffee from roasteries around the world.

Unique Gifts for Parents

Choosing the best gifts for your parents doesn't mean you have to resort to the traditional gifts that most children select. Look at some of these unique gift ideas and see what your parents would enjoy.

Mom: Indoor Garden

Does your mom want to be a gardener but just doesn't quite have the green thumb for it? Let her start off with something a little bit smaller. An indoor garden is a great manageable gardening experience for a beginner. These kits will allow her to grow fresh herbs to use in all of her favorite recipes.

Dad: MasterClass

If your dad loves to keep learning new things, signing him up for a masterclass subscription will allow him to learn about any new topic he finds interesting. This could even be a great way for you to connect more and do some classes together.

Combined: Ice Cream Maker

A unique gift that you could get both of your parents, is an ice cream maker. This fun family experience can be used anytime to create custom treats. Depending on the style of ice cream maker that you get, everyone can even make their own flavors to enjoy.

Gifts For Parents who have Everything

Some parents just have everything that they need. This can be difficult when deciding on a gift to show how much we appreciate them. We don't want to get them something that's just going to sit and collect dust, we want them to really enjoy our presents. So, look below for a couple of options.

Mom: Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Everyone needs to stay hydrated including your mom, but water bottles are notoriously difficult to clean. Luckily there are new and improved water bottles which are self-cleaning. These water bottles use UV light to sterilize the inside of the bottle. This is a great alternative to the traditional reusable water bottles.

Dad: Smart TV

Many parents have yet to upgrade to the newest smart TV options. This doesn't mean you have to buy a brand-new TV, maybe just an Apple TV or Fire TV. This will allow them to easily access all of their TV and movie subscriptions.

Combined: World Travel Map

If your parents love to travel, a meaningful gift could be a world travel map. Depending on the style you choose, they will either scratch off or put pins in every location that they travel to. This interactive map can help them relive each of these special trips and be something special for them to use for years.


Most parents want nothing more from their kids than to spend time with them. Think about some of these gifts that allow them to spend more time with you.

  • Plan a Trip
  • Cooking Classes
  • Escape Rooms
  • Skydiving

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