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Choosing gifts for Coffee Lovers

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Choosing a Gift for Someone who Loves Coffee

We all know at least one person who cannot live, let alone go to work and be productive without their morning cup of coffee. When deciding on a gift for a coffee lover there are endless options. They always want things to make their at home coffee taste better or there cafe bought coffee more convenient.

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Anyone who is really into coffee will need a good grinder. As every good coffee addict knows, whole beans that are ground fresh right before brewing create the best tasting coffee. Grinders come in two types, burr grinders or blade grinders. Burr grinders are the best option out of the two but can be more expensive. These work by sending the coffee through two cutting surfaces as opposed to a blade grinder which works more like a food processor.


You may not know what their favorite brand of coffee is, but a monthly coffee subscription makes a great gift. This allows them to try a bunch of different products from around the world and made by different producers. This fun gift will last throughout the year and will remind them of you every time a new bag arrives.

Milk Frother

For those who prefer a latte or mocha, choosing a milk frother allows them to make their favorite cafe style drinks at home. Choosing one that automatically heats and froths the milk makes creating the perfect drink even easier. For those who might want a little bit more control over the final product a manual frother like you see at cafes will be a better choice.

Coffee Maker

Of course, you can always buy them a coffee maker. If they've been talking about the newest trend in coffee making technology, this could be a great gift that they will use every day. You can choose from the traditional brewed coffee maker, a french press, cold brew maker, and endless other fun options to create an amazing cup of coffee from home.

Gift Cards

Gift cards to their favorite coffee shops is a great easy gift to give. It's even better if you can find a cute local coffee shop to support. Oftentimes these smaller cafes have better quality coffee and offer a more unique experience.

Unique Gifts for Coffee Lovers


Everyone can use a beautiful set of coasters to use with all of their favorite drinks, especially coffee lovers. These can be easily customizable as they come in all shapes and designs to fit any aesthetic.

Travel Mugs

Choose a cute coffee mug that they will enjoy. You could even have a personalized one made that represents their personality or things that they love. You can even choose a matching set; one for hot drinks and one for cold.


Purchasing reusable straws is a cute gift that also helps the environment. Collapsible straws are great for those who enjoy going to a cafe but are still concerned with their carbon footprint.

Gift Basket

Another great way to give a personalized gift to a coffee lover is to create a custom gift basket. These gift baskets are not only beautiful, but they provide a lot of smaller gifts to enjoy. Here are some ideas to create a custom gift basket.

  • Coffee Mug
  • Coffee Scrub
  • Coffee Candle
  • Reusable straws
  • Chocolate Coffee Beans

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