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Choosing gifts for Alcohol Lovers

Gifts for Alcohol Lovers

Choosing a Gift for Someone who Loves Alcohol

You may be wondering if alcohol or an alcohol related gift is acceptable or not. The answer is of course! As long as the receiver is of age obviously. Alcohol is a great gift because it’s something they can share when they are feeling social or something they can enjoy during a quiet evening at home. Either way they will be thankful for your thoughtful gift.

Best Gifts for Alcohol Lovers

There are several traditional options to choose from for someone who loves alcohol. Of course, buying them their favorite drink is always a good option, but you can also buy some of these gifts to go along with what they already have.

Wine Bottle Holder

If their drink of choice is wine, a bottle holder is a great statement piece that they can use all the time. Choose something more traditional or something unique that fits their personality.


If they don’t have the appropriate glasses for their favorite drinks this can give you a great option to buy a gift, they wouldn’t buy for themselves. A quality set of martini glasses, wine glasses, or beer glasses can last them a lifetime.


Decanters are another special gift that someone may not buy for themselves. This will add a level of sophistication to their alcohol collection and make their favorite drinks taste even better.

Bar Book

If they like to create new cocktails a bar book full of drink recipes is a great choice. This will give them the ability to make any drink that they or their guests would like.

Unique Gifts for Alcohol Lovers

Why not have a little fun with your gifts and give a present that is a little more unique?

Himalayan Shot Glasses

Take your shot glasses to the next level with Himalayan salt shot glasses. These are perfect for those who love a good tequila. No need to salt the rim with these handmade shot glasses.

Spirit Infusion Kit

Why not let them try their hand at creating their own spirits? With a spirit infusion kit, they can add their own flavors specifically designed to fit their personal taste. This can be a fun hobby and something to share with their friends and family.

Beer Making Kit

Many people enjoy making their own beer and this can be a great gift for the beer drinker in your life. With so many flavors and styles to choose from they will never run out of new recipes to try.

Wine Tasting Trip

Another unique gift idea is to take them on a wine tasting trip. This allows you to spend quality time together, traveling to different wineries and tasting their best wines. Bonus, you will both probably learn a thing or two about wine on the way.

Best Alcohol Gifts for Friends

If you are looking for an alcohol themed gift for a friend, you might be wanting something a little more fun and relaxed. If so, you might want to try some of these gifts.

Drinking Game

There are so many board drinking games available now. Tik Tac Toe, roulette, and even more traditional board games have been turned into drinking games. This is a fun way to give a gift that you and your friend will enjoy.

Beer Belly

For the friend with a good sense of humor, you could purchase a beer belly. This pouch allows them to store alcohol cleverly disguised as an actual beer belly.

Wine Bottle Glass

This glass is large enough to hold a whole bottle of wine. Perfect for your friend who likes to unwind with a glass or four of wine each night. After all a glass of wine before bed is good for you right?

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