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"Gifts For": Revolutionizing gift choosing

Our Mission: Creating The Ultimate Gift Finding Wizard

Gifts For is a web platforms aimed at solving one of the biggest problems we face: choosing gifts for our loved ones. We aim to solve this problem by offering a completely free AI-driven gift choosing wizard, which will help choosing the best gifts for your loved ones. This gift finder is still in testing and training mode, and we realize that it is still far from perfect, but feel free experimenting with it!

Why Build a Gift Finding Wizard?

This all started after we had a series of pretty hard-to-choose birthday presents to give, and thought it would be a good problem to solve, not just for us, but for the rest of the world as well.

What About the "Random Gift Ideas Generator"?

After experimenting with the gift finding wizard, we still felt that there's also a need for gift suggestions which are totally random, to spark our minds. That was when we decided to add a Random Gift Ideas Generator.

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